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Hybrid Jiujitsu is home to black belt world champion duo Renato and Raquel Canuto. The two started their program, formerly known as Checkmat Las Vegas in January of 2019. In August of 2021 they opened Hybrid Jiujitsu, a solo venture that combines both of their visions and styles under one roof. You will learn jiujitsu in a supportive enviornment where you’re pushed to be the best version of yourself everyday.


Professor Renato:

Professor Renato is from Sao Vicente, Brasil. He is a second generation black belt under his father, Valdir Canuto. He started training jiujitsu at the age of 9 after practicing Karate and Judo for a year. He spent the next 10 years competing nearly every weekend. Renato started traveling to the US to compete in all the major tournaments in 2012. In 2016 he moved to Las Vegas to further his jiujitsu career. He won his first World Championship that June and then a second later that year. In December he received his black belt at the age of 20. Over the next few years he made a name for himself with his dynamic and explosive grappling style, capturing many titles in both gi and no gi. He was known for lighting up the Kasai stage and putting the promotion on the map. In 2021 he finally captured the heavily sought after Black Belt World title in the gi. Coach Renato is the head instructor here at Hybrid Jiujitsu and teaches the advanced programs and some of the all-levels classes.


Professor Raquel:

Professor Raquel is a second generation fighter. Her father is known as the pioneer of Hawaiian MMA having won the first ever MMA event ever held on the islands. She grew up dabbling in Karate, basic grappling and wrestling under her fathers instruction. It wasn’t until she was a sophomore in high school that she began wrestling and taking martial arts seriously. She spent a year wrestling in college where she was a College All-American. She returned home the following year and started training to fight MMA. She had 3 amateur fights over 4 months then turned pro. After a string of submission losses her coach at the time had her take a year off to strictly train jiujitsu. It was then that she fell in love with the art. In 2014 she made the move to Las Vegas to further both her MMA and jiujitsu career. In 2017 she was promoted to black belt just shy of her 5th year anniversary. Since then she’s medaled at the major tournaments here in the US and captured 3 black belt World Championships in No Gi. Raquel is the fundamentals coach for both kids and adults and also teaches the fitness program.

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